Wilmslow Archive

Wilmslow keeps changing and I try to keep the pictures up-to-date. This page is for the out-of-date pictures: eventually, given 30 or 40 years, it will become a historic archive. Notice that most of the changes are to pubs and similar places.

Click here to see some archive photos sent in by Alistair Grey; taken in about 1988.

Yesterdays nightclub circa 2000.

Hambledon's wine bar; which became Dinks Wine Bar. Circe 1999.

The Horse & Jockey pub circa 1997.

The Bank Square

The Bank Square, which became Waverley's.

The French Brasserie on Water Lane circa 1998.

The Parisa on Water Lane circa 1999, which became the Slug and Lettuce.

The Carters Arms circa 1997.

The King's Arms circa 1997.

The Rifleman's Arms circa 1997.

The Blue Bell, circa 1997.
The Wilmslow Flyer, which became the Summerfields ,circa 1998.
The Boddington Arms which became "Range".
Zest, a wine bar on Grove Street which became Suede.
BJ's Health Club, also known as BJ's Health & Beauty, on Water Lane.

Logo: Letters B and J Adjacent

Wilmslow town centre looking North; at Christmas. The Rex used to be a cinema and theatre but then became part of a very large and well-stocked bookshop. It was also the home of Rare Records a noted shop selling classical music. And upstairs was the cybercafe.

Unfortunately all three - books, records, cybercafe - closed and were replaced by a furniture store. Click here for more on the Rex.

Below that a panorama of the town centre before the new street lighting was installed; circa 2001.

The Grape & Grain pub which became the Bollin Fee.
The place is still there but this was its former existence up to early 2002...

Living Well, formerly Viva Health & Leisure, is at the back of the Summerfields shopping parade. Note the large car park to save the effort of walking there. The most expensive fitness centre in Wilmslow at £53 per month + joining fee, although this is frequently waived during recruitment campaigns. According to their brochure you can have "membership freezing" so if you're into cryogenics it's probably good value. Personally I wouldn't like to wake up in the year 2050 feeling like a defrosted strawberry.

It's open till 11pm most evenings - later than any other club in town. Club Sportif has a range of extra-cost activities like aerobic and Salsa classes, as well as "spinning", cardioblast", "BodyPUMP" and other things that are a mystery to your intrepid reporter. There's lots of ironmongery, bikes that go nowhere, a swimming pool, sauna, steam room (thought that was the same as a sauna?), a jacuzzi thing, sunbeds, a creche, cafe with a wide range of fatty snacks on its menu, and satellite TV. In fact it's packed to the rafters with healthy stuff (apart from the cafe).

The New Inn circa 1999. Now the Coach & Four.
Stone the Crows used to be here in the centre of Wilmslow.