Wilmslow Facts

The Basics

Here are a few basic facts:

Where Is It?

Famous Residents

Wilmslow is currently noted for the number of TV stars, footballers and so on that live here and in the surrounding area. Famous residents include William Roache, Stuart Hall and, although I've not seen any of them in Grove St, Alex Ferguson, Kerry Katona and Russell Watson.

Wilmslow was once the home of Bruce Forsyth's great grandfather.

The most notable person to live in Wilmslow was Alan Turing. He was involved in the development of early computers and their use in codebreaking during World War 2. Turing lived on Adlington Road and indeed died there when he committed suicide.

Alan Turing Statue

Alan Turing (photo of a statue by Stephen Kettle unveiled at Bletchley Park June 2007)


You can compare it with the Alderley Edge coat of arms.

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Some History