Wilmslow - Grove St & Around

Grove Street is Wilmslow's pedestrian shopping area

Water Lane - the police car is just about to drive into the top end of pedestrianised Grove Street

Barclay's Bank; also at the top of Grove Street; taken before the signage was updated to Barclays new corporate style - which unfortunately does not suit the building very much. Nor indeed the fortification of the seating - click here to see photo.

There used to be a toll bar here but it was removed some years ago after complaints that townspeople paid taxes to maintain the roads but still got charged to drive (horses & carts) down Grove Street, the only way through the town. The government are thinking of reintroducing such things.

In pedestrianised Grove Street itself. Not so interesting as the buildings at either end. Note the "to let" signs - there are always several vacant shops in the street - so if you want to set up that business you always dreamed about, now's your chance! (end of advert). For many years now the large number of vacant shops has been a feature of Grove Street and the surrounding area. There used to be a beef butcher, a pork butcher, a fish shop, a grocer and other basic shops, but they all closed. It is easier to buy a supercar than a sausage in Wilmslow.

The annual Wilmslow Street Party in Grove Street.

No that's not me taking the picture.

Bank Square

Bank Square; at the other end of Grove Street. Click on the picture for more info.

The old Post Office on Hawthorn Lane

. Click on the picture to see the new Post Office