Stanneylands is a small area north of the town centre, noted for racing stables, a hotel, and a cobbled road.

Little Stanneylands Stud
Stanneylands Drive

The Little Stanneylands Stud on Stanneylands Road. Down the road, just around the corner out of sight is the Stanneylands Hotel, probably the best hotel in Wilmslow. Keep going down the road and you will soon reach Linney's Bridge, then up the hill and you'll get to Styal.

Stanneylands Road Cobbles

Stanneylands Road further down. It is a very narrow road and the original cobbles remained exposed to discourage speeding. The council did eventually resurface it with tarmac; probably not a good idea but they may no longer have access to a "cobbler" to reset wonky cobbles. There's also no footpath which makes it exciting for pedestrians who don't wish to be smeared along the outside wall of the Stanneylands Hotel.

Stanneylands Road looks particularly nice in the springtime when the flowerig cherries are out.

Stanneylands Road Flowering Cherry