Schools in Wilmslow

Recent Schools

The question I get asked the most in email about Wilmslow is:

"Does my old school still exist?"

So here is a list of all the current schools I know about in Wilmslow:

There used to be several secondary-level schools in Wilmslow but they have over time been closed and now the only state secondary school is Wilmslow High School. This was largely due to "falling rolls". But now the County Council apparently want to start expanding again and so Wilmslow High may be extended.

Here's a list of schools extant in 1960 according to a list of schools in a contemporary local directory. I suspect some others have been omitted?

Here's a list of schools' opening and closing dates. This is just a start and will expand as I find more information:

Very Old Schools

I don't have much information on early Wilmslow schools, but...

Below is a photo of a sampler dated 1791

It reads (any corrections welcome):

Oh child most dear
Incline the ear'
And hearken to God's voice
His counsel take
For that does make
His saints for, to resolve
We not like those
Who Grace oppose
And sloe their minds to play
but let your mind
Be well inclind
seeking wisdom's way
Priscilla Hackwood Worked this at Wilmslow School in the year 1791

Thanks to Erna Hiscock Antiques for supplying the photo.