Wilmslow - Around Lindow Moss

Most of Lindow Moss is being dug up for peat, but it is still accessible for walks, with care.

A walk in the countryside.Bull Warning

Saltersley Hall

Adjacent to Lindow Moss is Saltersley Hall (circa 1500) - Wilmslow's oldest home.

Saltersley Hall


Rossmere is a man-made lake.

Ross Mere

Rossmere - somewhere in the reeds is a grebe. Rossmere is fished by the Prince Albert Angling Society.

Ross Mere Panorama

Rossmere panorama - you can see one half of the lake in this picture. Not bad for an old sand pit. When the pit filled with water a concerned local citizen walked across the bottom of the new lake in diving gear in an effort to maintain the public right of way that crossed it. However as the path had already been diverted around the edge of the lake it is not entirely clear why.

Other notable parts of Lindow include where Lindow Man was found, Lindow Common and Lindow shops. Part of the area is in Mobberley - click here to visit the Mobberley parish web site.