Wilmslow - Lindow Common & Around

Black Lake

Black Lake on Lindow Common, an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). Hundreds of years ago villagers grazed their cattle on the common; in recent times the quantity of cattle owned by the average villager has dwindled somewhat.

In 1897 it was bought and donated to the folk of Wilmslow for recreation. A race course was built around the edge (it is now Racecourse Road), children sailed their model boats on Black Lake in summer and skated on the ice in winter. The picture below was taken in the early 1930s and shows an event taking place on the lake.

Amy May Photograph

But the lake was silting up, both naturally and via old supermarket trolleys. Around 1985 local councillors stepped in (metaphorically);the lake was cleared and a plan devised to return the area to its earlier character, although the two concentric fences around the perimiter don't contribute much to the lake's appearance.

Wilmslow Pier

Lindow Common is also the location of Wilmslow Pier. This has even less reason to exist than does Wigan Pier as it juts out into a small pond a few hundred yards from Black Lake. In recent years the pond rarely has water in it.

There are swans, ducks and geese on the lake.

Other notable parts of Lindow include Lindow Moss and Lindow shops.

Note: The "Lindows" operating system has nothing whatsoever to do with this area. It's a conflation of "linux" and "windows".