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Northern California

All the pictures in this gallery were taken in Northern California at the end of 1999.
Here we are at the start of the tour. Sacramento Municipal Airport baggage claim area.


Leftovers from the California gold rush. This is Malakoff Diggins. The mountain washed away in the search for gold, leaving a lake in its place.

Not the main place we visited but a bit "to the right" through some bushes.


Autumn leaves (aka "fall color") near The Diggins.

A very wet and dull day in Nevada City. We're in the garden of a B&B taking photos in the rain. That umbrella should give the roses a nice green cast.

Fallen leaves on a path at the Nevada City B&B. Only slightly adjusted for compositional purposes.

The weather continues, but here it is more picturesque.

This photo taken from the Ridge Road into Alleghany, near the "No Jake Brakes" sign. I've since found out what a jake brake is, by typing "what is a jake brake?" into a search engine. There are web sites for this sort of thing!

Earth mover at Alleghany.

Logs in a yard at Shasta. I have several of these but the composition is never quite right - I'm not sure what the right composition is though.

Mount Shasta topped by a spectacular lenticular cloud.

This was a very difficult photographic subject with high contrast. There isn't enough detail in the mountain under the cloud.

The best place to take a picture from isn't the most convenient.



Sometimes the ghost of a headless photographer can be seen roaming the highways around Mt Shasta. He lost his noggin when hit by a bulk cattle feed truck as he was fiddling with his Rollei TLR.

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