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Miscellany Gallery

In this gallery you can click on the pictures to view a higher-resolution version; around 50K per file.

Portraits -- In The UK -- The World

Portraits (sort of)

Close-up of a face - taken with a 180mm lens & very careful focussing

gazza matrix

Gobbing Gazza. Need I say more? Created in Photoshop.

Don't step on my toes


In The UK


The Jodrell Bank radio telescope, Cheshire, England, just before harvest time on a sunny day. I could tell you that I used a 28mm lens and a long exposure to get maximum depth of field but it's pretty irrelevent. Messed-about in Photoshop.

One of many sunset photos taken at Black Lake, Lindow Common , Wilmslow, Cheshire, England. Unretouched in any way.

The World



LBJ: The Lyndon B Johnson hard hat collection. Taken at the NASA facility in Houston. Probably the largest assembly of ex-presidential industrial headgear in the western world.



A glacier in Southern Argentina, near the town of Calafate.





Taken at Lago Pehoe, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile; on a windy day. There's a lot of wind in that part of the world. In the bottom right-hand corner you can see the remins of the tarmac road gradually being washed away.

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