About The Wilmslow Website

What this site is:

This web site is about Wilmslow and in particular it contains pictures of the town and its events. It is a non-commercial web site. It covers whatever interests me and is practical to include. There are also sections on my interests beyond Wilmslow.

The current extent of Wilmslow is vague - there is no unambiguous one I think. There may be an article on this in the future.

All pictures on the site are taken by me and copyright by me (except where specifically indicated). Please ask before using any of them. The text and static maps are also copyright. The slippy map on the Wilmslow Street Map page comes from Openstreetmap.org and so has a creative commons licence.

It's been on the web since March 1996, initially on Geocities, then Compuserve, then with its own URL when they became affordable; and is currently maintained using Adobe GoLive, Photoshop and Illustrator.

What this site isn't:

It is not the web site of the Data Protection Registrar. The Registrar is now styled "The Information Commissioner". Please don't send me applications for registration.

It's not a Wilmslow Links page. I'm keen to include links to other Wilmslow-related sites provided I get a reciprocal link.

It is not a major research organisation and I'm unable to supply detailed data on shopping patterns, population shifts, road construction and so on.

There's no RSS feed, you can't join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, read our Blog, poke us on MySpace, or spin us on PlanetSpy (I made that last one up).